Who knew? I mean really, who expected that? I know that we all hope to put in a performance and maybe sneak a 1-0 or a 2-1 victory against title seeking teams, but come on! 5-3 (which flattered Chelsea in fairness), and not only that but with the likes of Rose, Townsend, Bentaleb, Mason (partly) and Kane in the team? These guys were in the U21’s a couple of seasons ago. These are developed players who stood toe to toe with “world class” (well if not world class then certainly established international class) players worth millions and not only did they stand toe to toe, they proved that they had it in them to win and win with some style. How did the commentator describe our fourth goal? “Gorgeous!” I couldn’t have summed it up better.

But I mention these players in particular precisely because we didn’t buy them for millions of pounds and because not that long ago they were being derided by Spurs fans. Bentaleb was apparently Sherwood’s love child, Rose was useless and Townsend also. I had the cheek to predict that Kane would be no more than a Championship level player about ten months ago (as someone saw fit to find that tweet last night and retweet it for me), and how wrong was I about that? Now I am not saying that these players are going to suddenly propel the club to domestic and European glory. Rose has improved greatly since last season although still needs to learn, whilst Townsend can still infuriate with his decision making and gap in quality. Bentaleb and Kane however were superb that evening and Mason does his job well. But that win altered my perspective on some levels and maybe you have felt it too?

The “watershed” I refer to relates to the team construction and the pattern of play. Of course the game is about players, but you need a good coach too. No question about that. And we are starting to see that Pochettino has slowly been forming his team from a nucleus of players that can best implement his strategy whilst having assessed and probably now discarded other players that won’t quite deliver what he wants. The win over Chelsea was all about playing style and tactics and my objective here is not to analyse this but to say that after that victory my perception about the kind of players we need at Spurs changed. I sent a couple of tweets out a few days ago saying that I no longer thirst for “name” players coming to Spurs and that I just want to see players that can fit the system and do a job.

I have no expectations from this transfer window, I never do in January. There is no point raising expectations as whatever happens will happen as there are so many variables in concluding a player contract in January. But if that victory against Chelsea didn’t suddenly make a lot of people realise that Pochettino is on the right track I am not sure what will. I imagine we will stumble along the way this season and struggle in a few games yet, I am prepared for that; but I am more upbeat about what is to come now than I was a few weeks ago against Palace at home for example. There is something happening that we can feel.

Of course not everyone will buy in to this view. With the transfer window open the mere signing of a player by one of our rivals triggers a mini meltdown. Recent case in point is Bony reportedly to City. Out came the “we could/should have had him last summer”; “we will probably end up with Defoe on loan”; “we will be left buying scraps”; “we won’t be able to shift any of our dead wood” and so on and so forth. Watch for more of such comments as soon as other clubs sign players. Bony is a very good player but he will be going to ACON for a month now. And we didn’t buy him in the summer probably because we’d had a managerial upheaval; Soldado had only played half a season previously and needed to be reassessed; Kane was coming through; and of course there has to be willingness from four or five parties to a transfer each time (clubs, agents player): we will just never know if it was even a starter never mind a done deal scuppered by Levy or whoever.

Of course it is easy to get carried away after a victory such as this, but in that one game we got a glimpse of something and a feeling that we Spurs fans have not felt for a long time and if that means we take the good that came out of that game and use it as a foundation to build on then that’s good enough for me. For long periods this season I struggled to see where this new “philosophy” that the new coach kept preaching about, was coming from. I didn’t really see the evidence. But that in itself is a lesson to us all. Sometimes players and coaches do need time and it may very well be our desire for people to hit the ground running and meet the immediacy of our needs that ultimately challenges what we are trying to build and makes the job harder.

No the Chelsea game changed it for me. If I can see players like Kane and Bentaleb doing what they did, who’s to say that there aren’t other players out there of a similar ilk? A player’s footballing intelligence, ability or adaptability to a team ethos is not measured in pounds or euros. It is measured nowadays with sport science, tactical philosophy and perhaps who knows black boxes too. So maybe we should all just sit back enjoy the ride, bumpy though it may be, and see where Mr Pochettino takes us. The club has made mistakes in the past. Perhaps we will get it right this time. Let’s hope so.